Kirkwood Eastern Cape

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Kirkwood - Valley of Vistas - Kirkwood is situated in the heart of the Sundays River Valley and can be considered the citrus capital of the Eastern Cape. It is the centre of one of the largest citrus regions in South Africa.

Despite its quaint appeal, Kirkwood has a serious agricultural economy accounting for R500m in foreign revenue annually.

It is hard to believe that this beautiful valley was witness to bloody border wars a mere 200 years ago. A little more than a 100 years ago Afrikaner farmers (Boers) fought for freedom against the British Empire.

Kirkwood boasts a fine lookout point with wide vistas over the valley. During the Citrus picking season (April to Sept), tractors with trailers brimming with oranges rumble into town and the local co-op literally seethes with activity.

There is a 9 hole golf course in the village of Kirkwood. The Moravian Mission Station built for the Khoi at Enon in 1818 is also a must-see. A pitted gravel road leads to this pastoral village where sacraments are still given in the church with its yellowwood rafters, teak window frames and brass hanging lamps.