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Addo Cruises and Sand Sledding

Scenic River Cruise

Hop on the river cruise boat “The Sundays River Ferry” and experience a 2,5 hour slow, leisurely cruise on the magnificent and breathtaking waters of the Sundays River estuary – one of the top rated estuaries in South Africa. Search the unique river banks, bush and reed beds for a wide variety of bird life and smaller animals like the duiker, bushbuck or stately Kudu. The river is a bird watchers paradise. Catch a glimpse of the rarely seen White fronted Bee – Eater as it soakes up the sun in sheltered areas of the river or perhaps darting from its perch in persuit of insects on the wing. You may even view the rarely seen African Finfoot swimming in and out of reed beds and man-made structures along the river’s banks. View the elusive Water Monitor or Likewaan that can reach lenghts of up to 1,5 meters. Share in the exitement while cruising and witness various species of surface swimming mullet fish dart in all different directions or even jump clear of the waters surface in an effort to escape the boat.

Experience this unique river cruise along the Sundays River while taking in the wonderful scenery and the beautiful houses and holiday cottages of Cannonville and Colchester hugging its banks.
The cruise will continue to the river mouth towards the coast to view the majestic, wind driven Alexandria Coastal Dunes. See some of the tallest dunes at 50 meters in height above sea level that dramatically plunge and disappear in the river. These dunes are one of the largest coastal dune systems in the world with the entire dune field covering an area of approximately 238 sqare kilometers. Once there, the boat will stop at the base of the dunes so passengers can leave the boat and climb the dunes, take wonderful pictures or even have a swim. Climb to the top of the dunes to take in the stunning views of the waters and Islands of Algoa Bay, the southern section of the Addo Elephant National Park, as well as the splendour of the dune fields. The distant St Croix Island in the bay boasts the largest African Penquin colony.

Addo Sand Sledding – Sandboarding with a Difference

Sand Sledding is the best way to explore and experience some of the highest, as well as one of the worlds largest, coastal dune field systems in the world. These Magnificent dunes, known as the Alexandria Coastal Dunes, are situated at the mouth of the Sundays River near the Addo Elephant National Park, a mere 40km from Port Elizabeth.  After cruising downstream you get to slide down these magnificent dunes on custom made sand sleds under the watchful eye of the instructors.  

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